Prepare for the Golden Generation, FDK Holds an International Conference

Prepare for the Golden Generation, FDK Holds an International Conference

On the Golden Generation to contribute to the implementation of moderate da’wa which is supported by increasingly sophisticated mass media technology. This is why the International Conference on Da’wa and Communication (ICONDAC) 2020, Faculty of Da’wah and Communication (FDK), Sunan Ampel State Islamic University (UINSA) Surabaya held on Tuesday – Wednesday (03-04/11) entitled “Moderate Da’wa: Instruments of Reception For The Superdiverse Society”.

This activity has been held twice, namely in 2019 and 2020. Unlike the previous year, ICONDAC 2020 was held virtually through theapplication Zoom Meeting because it was still in a pandemic condition. The delivery of material by the speakers on the first day was divided into three sessions. The first session presented two speakers from UINSA namely Prof. Masdar Hilmy, MA., Ph.D. (Rector of UINSA) and Drs. Prihananto, M.Ag., with moderator Dra. Imas Maesaroh, M.Lib., Ph.D.

“The challenge of a preacher in the digital era 4.0 is to fight hate speech on social media and fake news. So that the message should not be conveyed by force and violence. Then they are able to control the delivery of messages on digital media,” explained Prof. Masdar Hilmy.

Followed by the second resource person, Drs. Prihananto who conveyed that the formulation of da’wa messages should not change ideology but could be accepted by various communities. This diversity is not limited to ethnicity or race but also includes various religions. “In this case, tolerance must be held high,” he said.

In the second session, the material was delivered by Dr. Ali Unsal from Turkey and representatives from the Semarang Research and Development Center, Zakiyah, MA., And guided by the moderator Dr. Moh. Anshori, S.Ag, M.Fil.I as an FDK lecturer. The first material presented by Dr. Ali Unsal namely “Golden Generation Preparation and its contribution to the moderate global”. According to Dr. Ali Unsal’s ease of accessing information makes the characteristics of the golden generation have a thirst for knowledge and continuously update their experiences.

Presentation of material from Zakiyah, MA regarding “Religious Moderation of Muslim Middle Class Communities.” This material has many examples of activities in da’wah institutions in Yogyakarta, including; majlis ta’lim Shalat Center and Rabo Pon Batik Apip Sleman.

The last session on the first day is held at night, starting at 19.05 to 21.05 WIB. Guided by the moderator Bambang Subandi, M.Ag., a lecturer at the FDK, presenting two speakers, namely Prof. Dr. Ali Aziz, M.Ag., (FDK Professor) and H. Nadhir Saladin, MA., (Ph.D. candidate of McGill University Canada).

Reporter : Pipit, Arum

Editor : Nur Farida

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