ICONDAC Day 2 of FDK: Religious Maturity Based on Religious Moderation as Efforts to Build World Civilization

ICONDAC Day 2 of FDK: Religious Maturity Based on Religious Moderation as Efforts to Build World Civilization

The International Conference of Da’wa and Communication (ICONDAC) Faculty of Da’wah and Communication (FDK) ended on Wednesday (04/11). This event has been held for two days starting on Tuesday (03/11) virtually using the application Zoom Meeting. On the second day, the ICONDAC event was the day for the presenters paper had the opportunity to present their work with the theme Moderate Da’wah: Instruments Of Reception For The Superdiverse Society which is divided into 7 discussion sub-themes. The participants came from various regions and institutions such as from Telkom University Bandung, UIN Sunan Gunung Jati, UIN Ar Raniry and so on.

On the second day, the event was opened by Dr. H. Ahmad Murtafi ‘Haris, Lc., M.Fil.I., as moderator of the first session in the morning with Prof. Dr. Mustari Mustofa, M.Pd., who is the Education and Cultural Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Thailand as well as the first speaker. The event began with a material presentation with the theme “The Dynamics of Moderate Islamic Da’wa Amid Minority Muslims: The Experience of Thailand Muslims“. On his occasion, he shared his experiences when he was a Muslim in Thailand. “Even though everyone knows Thailand is a monarchical country, led by a king, because of this monarchy system people often see threats and even claims Thailand is not free. But in fact I was here for more than three and a half years. ” Said Mustari Mustofa. Not only that, previously he also told me that the King of Thailand has great respect for all religions, this can be proven by attending to the Prophet Muhammad SAW’s birthday and seeing the movements of his lips following the chanting of the Prophet’s prayers.

Furthermore, the presentation of the material was continued by Prof. Dr. H. Nur Syam, M.Si., with the title “ABCD Trilogy in the Implementation of Religious Moderation” in this material explained that the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) method is part of a da’wa pattern that utilizes the potential of the community to be developed according to the purpose of da’wa. Prof. Nur Syam, his greeting also added that “The important potential for the Indonesian nation is human resources and natural resources which are the modalities of national unity and integrity. Human resources constitute the largest Muslim population in the world,” he explained.

in the evening in the second session of the event, presenting Prof. Dr. H. Muhammad Adlin Sila, MA., Ph.D., Head of Research and Development Center for Guidance of Religious Communities and Religious Services of the RI Ministry of Religion Research and Development and Training Agency. Adlin Sila explained about “Islamic Da’wah Rahmatan lil Alamin”. According to, himreligious moderation exists in every religion. In every religion, of course, have taught the values ​​of religious moderation. a series of events on the second day ended with a presentation from Prof. Dr. Harry Harun Behr, Professor of Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. On his occasion, he raised the theme “Islamic Moderation and Experience in Germany” which explains the picture of Muslim life in religious moderation in Germany. “Muslim or non-Muslim, practitioner or non-practitioner, whether Christian or even atheist. It doesn’t matter as a society, we have to find a basis for us to work together.” strictly speaking.

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Editor : Nur Farida

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